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Determining state car insurance rates may be easy at We may be able to help by providing information on auto insurance terms and auto insurance requirements. If you are already familiar with auto insurance terminology, of you would rather just get started with the quotes process, fill out this short quote form today, and we’ll assist you in getting car insurance rates that may fit your needs.

We offer assistance in finding potentially affordable auto insurance quotes no matter where you live in the United States. Most states may have minimum auto insurance requirements by law, so it’s generally important to purchase the correct amount and type of auto insurance for your particular state. And, while the state minimum requirement may be all the auto coverage you may have to have (depending on the company you choose), it may not always be wise to purchase only the minimum. However, knowing the auto insurance terms and requirements before you make a decision may help ensure that you stay legal.

Car Insurance Rates May be Easy to Determine

Here at we stay current on state car insurance and may be able to assist you when you need quotes to compare auto insurance rates, coverage, and options or if you need information to help with understanding auto insurance terms. When shopping for state car insurance, remember that just because you meet the minimum auto insurance requirements for your state, your coverage may not be adequate when an accident actually occurs. Car accident costs may quickly add up and result in costs far more than the minimum coverage mandated by your state. The Insurance Information Institute has made a recommendation that drivers may want to carry a minimum of $100,000.00 bodily injury protection per person, with at least $300,000.00 coverage per accident (designated in auto insurance jargon as 100/300).

Explanation of Auto Insurance Numbering System

Auto insurance coverage is typically designated with three numbers, something like 25/15/10 where:

  • The first number may represents the maximum bodily injury liability for one person who is injured in an auto accident (with the number 25 representing $25,000.00);
  • The second number may represent the maximum bodily injury liability for all injuries in an auto accident (with the number 15 representing $15,000.00); and
  • The third number may represent the maximum property damage liability for an auto accident (with the number 10 representing $10,000.00).

Carrying the minimum auto insurance required in your state may cover some or all of your liability should you be involved in an accident while driving in another state, even if that state has higher minimum state auto insurance coverage than yours. Per law, your policy may automatically increase to meet the state’s minimum auto accident coverage while you are driving in that state. This increase may be a great advantage, especially if an accident you cause involves a large amount of property damage and could potentially help minimize any excess monies you may be required to come up with to cover any overages that your policy may not cover.

Some States have “No Fault” State Car Insurance Laws

In 12 states as well as Puerto Rico “no fault” laws may exist. No fault insurance, one of the auto insurance terms you may want to be familiar with, means that should you be involved in an accident in these states, your potential auto insurance company may be required to help pay for bodily injury damage regardless of who is at fault in an auto accident.  As consolation though, these states typically allow residents to sue parties from other states after the car accident.

You may not want to leave yourself vulnerable in a car accident. In order to do so, you may want to make sure you carry adequate state car insurance. It’s easy to potentially find car insurance rates by state, as well as information on auto insurance terminology and coverages, here at Try the free quote form and investigate how you might be able to save on your next state car insurance policy.

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